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Why Your Skin is So Important

  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it has many important functions. We could not survive without our skin. Skin protects all of our organs and muscles and provides a covering for our muscles, veins and arteries. The skin guards our bodies from harmful materials, chemicals and viruses and it shields […]

How to Best Care for Your Skin – Hydration

  When you meet people for the first time one of the first things they notice will be your skin. Since your skin covers your whole entire body it is obvious to everyone who comes in contact with you. Your skin is such an important part of your health and well-being that it is vital […]

Dealing with Skin Care Issues for Children

  Being a parent is not for the faint of heart and many parents have a lot of things to worry about in regards to their children and their health. One of the most prevalent concerns parents have are skin issues. There are many different types of skin care issues that children might have to […]

Diminish the Appearance of Oily Skin



Picture this scene. You are at a get together with your friends having a fantastic time. Suddenly someone pulls out the camera to take a picture to of the happy gathering. Everyone puts their faces together and the camera clicks. The camera is brought over so everyone can look at the picture but when it comes up on the view finder there is a big shiny spot on it. No, it is not from the flash of the camera, it is from all the oil on your face. How embarrassing! No one wants to have an oily face. So what can be done to diminish the appearance of oily skin? Take heart, it is not hopeless and you can have skin that is not so oily doing a few simple things.


A Clean Face Leads to a Less Oily Face

The first step to clearing up the oil on your face is to keep it clean, but the products that you choose for cleaning your face are important. Generally speaking gel types of cleaners are better for oily skin than cream based cleaners because the gels do not leave any residue behind that might increase the appearance of oil. Also you never want to use soap or any other such harsh drying agents on your skin. While it may seem like the answer to oily skin would be to dry it out this is not the case at all. In fact drying out your skin can be counterproductive because your skin will then produce even more oil to make up for the fact that you are drying it out so much.


Don’t Forget to Hydrate Your Skin

If you are suffering from an overabundance of oil, it might seem counterproductive to use a moisturizer on your skin, but it needs to be done. If you dry your skin out while trying to get rid of the oil it will cause even more problems. Find a good moisturizer that is specially formulated for oily skin and apply it nightly during your bedtime ritual.


Only Use Oil Free Make-Up

If you use make-up be sure that you find one that is made especially for oily skin types and that are not going to add extra oils to your face. Look for foundations with matte finishes to tone down the oily look of your skin and to give your overall complexion a more even tone and appearance. Face powders can be a big help in making your skin look even and oil free too. It would be a good idea to keep foundation powder with you to apply throughout the day as needed.


Take Heart

If you are struggling with oily skin try not to get too discouraged about it. Oily skin generally will worsen at certain times and then even out. And there is one advantage that people with oilier skin have over those who do not have excess oil. They tend to age slower because their skin is more hydrated so it will not dry out and get wrinkled as quickly as other people with less oily skin.

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