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Dealing with Skin Care Issues for Children

  Being a parent is not for the faint of heart and many parents have a lot of things to worry about in regards to their children and their health. One of the most prevalent concerns parents have are skin issues. There are many different types of skin care issues that children might have to […]

Why Your Skin is So Important

  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it has many important functions. We could not survive without our skin. Skin protects all of our organs and muscles and provides a covering for our muscles, veins and arteries. The skin guards our bodies from harmful materials, chemicals and viruses and it shields […]

What to Look For in Skincare Products



Your skin is your bodies’ largest organ and as such it is important to use only the best products and ingredients to ensure that your skin always looks healthy and beautiful. In order to have the healthiest skin possible, shop for skin care products with certain ingredients.


Skin Care Ingredients to Look For

There are many ingredients in skin care products that will be beneficial and helpful to your skin. Here are some of the ones to make sure you have in your favorite skin care products.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid called ALA – ALA is an important ingredient to have in your skin care products because it contains incredible anti-aging components. It is also an ingredient that is highly regarded for its’ anti-inflammatory agents. It helps to nourish the cells in your skin and is easily absorbed so your skin will not feel greasy. ALA is useful in decreasing circles under the eyes, reducing puffiness and blotchiness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping to even skin tone.
  • DMEA – DMEA is the abbreviation for dimethylaminoethanol but since that is quite the mouthful – we will stick with calling it DMEA. DMEA helps to restore the youthful appearance of the skin by reducing the sagging of the skin giving a firmer smoother appearance. Topical treatments are often applied to the forehead, chin, and neck as well as under the eyes for best results.
  • Neuropeptides – Neuropeptides help to moisturize the skin by hydrating the skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps the skin to be firmer.
  • Polyenylphosphotidyl Choline – Here is another long word that is hard to say so we will abbreviate it as PPC. PPC is especially helpful in relieving dry skin, healing chapped skin, reducing inflammation, and giving the skin a more hydrated glow.


Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

There are many ingredients in skin care that you will want to avoid. These ingredients may be especially harmful to your health

  • Sulfates – also marketed as laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate this ingredient can cause eye damage, nervous system issues and skin irritation.
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) – this ingredient is also used in oven cleaners. Not all oil is bad but this ingredient strips all the oil from your skin and leaves it dried out and damaged. PEG is often tainted with a known carcinogen that has been suspected to cause leukemia and cancer and it frequently contains heavy metals.
  • Paraben – paraben is a preservative filled with chemicals that interfere with hormones and upset the endocrine system. In addition a recent study noted that paraben was found in over 90% of breast cancer tumors. Paraben often has the prefixes methyl-, isopropyl-, ethyl- and butyl-.


Not all skin care products are created equally. By knowing which ingredients to look for and which to avoid you can ensure that you use only the very best skin care products that will do the most good for your skin and your health.

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