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Why Your Skin is So Important

  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it has many important functions. We could not survive without our skin. Skin protects all of our organs and muscles and provides a covering for our muscles, veins and arteries. The skin guards our bodies from harmful materials, chemicals and viruses and it shields […]

How to Best Care for Your Skin – Hydration

  When you meet people for the first time one of the first things they notice will be your skin. Since your skin covers your whole entire body it is obvious to everyone who comes in contact with you. Your skin is such an important part of your health and well-being that it is vital […]

Dealing with Skin Care Issues for Children

  Being a parent is not for the faint of heart and many parents have a lot of things to worry about in regards to their children and their health. One of the most prevalent concerns parents have are skin issues. There are many different types of skin care issues that children might have to […]

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What to Look For in Skincare Products

  Your skin is your bodies’ largest organ and as such it is important to use only the best products and ingredients to ensure that your skin always looks healthy and beautiful. In order to have the healthiest skin possible, shop for skin care products with certain ingredients.   Skin Care Ingredients to Look For […]


How to Improve Acne Prone Skin

Acne can occur at any age and can really affect your confidence. Whether you suffer from mild or severe acne, knowing the correct skin care tips and advice can really help you to improve the appearance of your complexion. Here we show you several ways you can improve acne prone skin. How does acne occur? […]


Why Your Shower Water Might Be Sabotaging Your Hair?

There is little doubt the environment around you affects your hair and skin, and not always in a positive way. If your hair is falling out, it may be because you live in an area where the climate is dry and your hair isn’t getting the moisture it needs to grow and stay healthy. Similarly, […]


Are Tattoos Toxic?

Tattoos have been worn proudly by warriors and natives alike for thousands of years. These tattoos usually had a very big significance to the person wearing them whether spiritual, familial, or ranking. They have only recently become popular in modern day in the early 90’s in Europe and the US and now about a third […]


Easy Ways to Rid Your Skin of Oil

  Oily skin can be a very big problem for people of all ages. Not only is it feel irritating and greasy when your skin is excessively oily but it also does not look very good. And disproportionate amounts of oil on the skin can lead to acne outbreaks and other skin problems. So lots […]


The Best Solutions for Treating Eczema

Eczema usually first occurs in early childhood and can be mild or severe. It’s essentially inflammation of the skin which can appear dry and sore. Luckily eczema can be treated and here we show you the best solutions. What are the symptoms? There are several different types of eczema, including atopic dermatitis which is the […]


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