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Dealing with Skin Care Issues for Children

  Being a parent is not for the faint of heart and many parents have a lot of things to worry about in regards to their children and their health. One of the most prevalent concerns parents have are skin issues. There are many different types of skin care issues that children might have to […]

Why Your Skin is So Important

  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it has many important functions. We could not survive without our skin. Skin protects all of our organs and muscles and provides a covering for our muscles, veins and arteries. The skin guards our bodies from harmful materials, chemicals and viruses and it shields […]

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How Stress Can Affect Your Skin

Stress plays a huge part in our daily lives and it can cause havoc on our bodies, including our skin. What effects does stress have on the skin? Stress can create many problems for our skin and it’s important to understand how and why in order to care for our skin in the best way […]


5 Tips for Healthy Skin

Let’s be honest – most of us are so busy we can’t remember what we had to eat for breakfast, let alone had the time to sit down and consume a proper meal. So it makes sense that you may not always have time to pamper your skin, but you can ace your skin care […]


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